How can organizations ensure that their employees are engaged and motivated during a business transformation process?

To engage and motivate employees to adopt new processes, focus on clear communication, training, support, collaboration, recognition, and leading by example. Foster a culture of learning and provide growth opportunities for sustained motivation. Start by recognizing personal development initiatives and creating psychological safety in the workplace. Conduct employee feedback surveys to create greater participation in your teams.

Encourage team building and collaboration to make it clear that employees' thoughts, opinions, and contributions are highly valued. Recognize and reward your team for all their hard work, even if that involves sending a quick thank you message and good work. Give your team members all the tools and resources they have to succeed, and encourage creativity when tackling the tasks assigned to them. According to a recent Gartner survey published in June involving 127 business executives, 82% of respondents indicated their intention to allow teleworking part of the time as employees return to the workplace, while 47% indicated their intention to allow their employees to work remotely full time.

As a result, most employees will not realize their full potential and could engage in unwanted behavior. Meeting needs at all three fundamental levels creates an environment of trust and support that allows managers and employees to take full advantage of the top level: personal growth. Committed people feel part of the team and, as a result, work together to help your company achieve successful results. When work-life balance is difficult to achieve, plan a social activity for your employees, such as a virtual visit to an art gallery, a virtual coffee hour, or a team-building activity, to add some fun to the isolated work experience.

It also contributes to job satisfaction, as it is a means of keeping employees engaged and motivated while assuming their responsibilities. It is the emotional connection or commitment that an employee has to the organization that makes them want to go the extra mile to ensure the success of the organization and the brand. Encouraging open dialogue can be an effective way to improve employee engagement and foster a positive work culture. This philosophy is typical of new-age technology startups, where they adopt a more informal and barrier-free organizational policy.

It's important to consider the needs of your company and your employees when determining the best approach for a flexible work schedule. Transform your entire culture with a powerful recognition and rewards solution, Workmates, created by HR Cloud and that has driven higher levels of employee motivation in many organizations. Providing opportunities for employee development can be an effective way to improve employee engagement and achieve better results for your company. So where do you start? The Fellow team has compiled 7 ways to keep employees engaged at work, along with best practices and advice from experts.

Or, they may see the value of implementing an engaging onboarding process, but they don't realize how focusing on engagement can transform conversations about performance. Offering flexible work schedules can be an effective way to improve employee engagement and foster a positive work culture.